Welcome to Day #5 -- Our Last Day Together!!



So..... what exactly is a challenge group??

My father always told me when I was growing up that you become a part of what you are around..... this is SO true!! In order to succeed, we have to surround ourselves with like-minded and encouraging people!  That is exactly what the challenge group offers!  I can not put into words how much the people in the first challenge group that I ever joined mean to me!  That group was my rock that kept me going even when I wanted to quit!  If it had not been for the challenge group, I probably would have quit!  They became like family for me and I could not have achieved my weight loss without these new friends and my coach by my side... this is truly the "secret sauce".  You are NEVER alone when you are a part the challenge group - there are always people there to support, motivate, and encourage you!  Plus, I am always offering health and fitness tips and recipes each day throughout the duration of the group, so you definitely do not want to miss those!  


The challenge group is also a safe place for you to share your why, your struggles, and your successes.  You will find that when you share the things with which you are struggling that group members will offer great solutions and tips that have worked for them.  You will begin to want to help other newer members in the same way that you were helped and encouraged.... you know, pay it forward (which is an awesome feeling!)  Basically, the challenge group is just another layer of accountability to help hold your feet to the fire and help you reach your goals.  ACCOUNTABILITY really is the glue that ties COMMITMENT to RESULTS!!





Below is a promo video that explains the value of challenge groups really well. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What about going out to eat?? Can I still go to a restaurant on the 21 Day Fix?

YES! Of course you can!  It is actually not that hard to make healthy choices while dining out these days.  You can even find something somewhat healthy at most fast food restaurants these days if you stick to salads and avoid extra toppings and heavy dressings.  As the picture to the right suggests, you can order a lean protein grilled, broiled, or blackened along with a healthy carbohydrate and steamed veggie.  The key here is to remember your portion sizes!  Don't be afraid to take your containers with you and measure out your portions!  You can ask for a to-go box before you eat and go ahead and place the portion that doesn't fit in the container in the box before you start eating.  If you think that I have not pulled my containers out at a restaurant, you are DEAD WRONG!  I have no problem doing that!  But, actually after following the plan for a few weeks, you will be able to eye ball the portion size well enough to get by once in a while at a restaurant.  Just don't make a habit of going out to eat all the time. It is much better for you to learn and get in the habit of cooking healthy, wholesome, and well-rounded meals the majority of the time.  


I like to travel often or I travel for my job..... Will I be able to do the 21 Day Fix while traveling?

If we are talking about a twice per year vacation, then I say enjoy yourself and have fun on that one to two weeks per year guilt-free.  You deserve it!  However, if you travel often, either for work or socially, then we need to come up with a better long-term strategy to maintain your healthy habits away from home.  Before you leave home - prepare yourself, plan ahead, and follow these tips on how to stick to a the 21 Day Fix while away from home:

1.  Portable snacks - Pack as many portable snacks as you can.  Review the 21 Day Foods List to see which ones work best for you.  Colored ziplock bags from Target or Wal-Mart work well so you know which containers correspond with each snack.  Nuts, whole grain crackers, homemade protein bars (21 Day Fix approved recipe), individual sized oatmeal packets, fruit, cut veggies, mozzarella sticks, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna packets, fresh deli meat, peanut butter, and of course Shakeology packets are great things to bring with you in an insulated cooler.  Don’t forget water!  Freeze it so it can help keep other things cool.

2.  Call ahead to see if your hotel has a refrigerator.  Even if it doesn’t, you can often request one to be brought to your room.  Bring along healthy breakfast/lunch items, Shakeology, snacks and lunches so you can eat at least one healthy meal a day in your room.

3.  Keep moving!!   Pack your 21 Day Fix workout DVDs and play them on your laptop in the hotel room.  Or, take advantage of Beachbody on Demand!  It’s now available to all Club Members for streaming anytime anywhere on mobile devices, tablets, iPads, laptops, and computers.  Focus on workouts that don’t require equipment.  There are hundreds of workouts to choose from... the point is that your being in a hotel is not an excuse NOT to exercise!

4.  Stay motivated  and accountable while traveling by checking in with your 21 Day Fix accountability challenge group regularly while you’re away.  We want to live vicariously through you, celebrate your victories and have fun right along with you! 

Can I drink coffee?

Absolutely YES!!  I drink coffee every day!  And you do not even have to drink it black!  Does this mean that you can go to StarBucks every day and drink a 600 calorie cup of coffee?? NO!! Here is my recommendation for coffee drinkers.... this is a lifestyle change, right?  So, you need to find a coffee solution that you can live with long-term.  Unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk is a GREAT alternative to creamer.  Most varieties only have about 30 calories/cup, so Autumn has actually said that the amount that you would use in coffee daily is a freebie!  Just make sure you get unsweetened.  Also, it is perfectly acceptable to sweeten with Stevia. You should really try to avoid artificial sweeteners whenever possible as these do not belong in a clean eating AT ALL!  (I could do an entire lecture on the evils of artificial sweeteners, but I will save that for another time.)  FYI - before I started doing The Fix, I had never tried almond milk, but I really love it!  I especially love that nutty flavor that it gives to the coffee.  I wish that I had found it years ago! Another option:  mix a teaspoon of coconut oil in your coffee.  Coconut oil has tremendous health benfits and also gives a great flavor.  I find that I do not even need to add my Stevia when I mix a little coconut oil in.... just be sure to measure it out and watch your portion on the coconut oil.  While it is very healthy for you, it still has a fair amount of calories.  

Can I still have my wine??

YES!  I will give you the "official" 21 Day Fix answer first.  Autumn actually allows for you to exchange a yellow container up to three times a week for a treat or wine.  Here is the kicker..... the wine portion is the size of the yellow container (which is pretty small, guys!)  My personal opinion... the amount of wine that you can "legally" have is more of a tease than it is satisfying.  I would rather eat the carb!! (yellow container = carbs)

So, here is my unofficial answer or the strategy and thought process that I have adopted on this topic.  For my first round of 21 Day Fix, I did not cheat at all... not even with the wine!  (And I will admit, I love to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evenings, so this was HARD!)  After all, it is only 21 days, right? You can do anything for just 21 days.... just three weeks!!  I had significant and amazing results within that 21 days.  I then took one week off between rounds.  (Yes, I had wine during that week!)  Then, on the second round, I allowed myself a normal size (not the yellow container size) glass of wine once per week.  I did cut a yellow container on the day that I would have a glass of wine.  I still had amazing results during the second round of The Fix. Now, I am really in maintenance mode at this point and my strategy is to lay off the wine Monday - Friday and I allow myself adult beverages (in moderation) on the weekend.  I have absolutely maintained my weight loss with this strategy in place.  You have to remember that this is a lifestyle change, not a short-term diet... so, you have to figure out a strategy that you  can stick to long-term.  This strategy worked for me.  It is also going to depend on how much weight you have to lose and how fast you want to lose it.  You will obviously lose the weight faster if you are more disciplined on this point.  But, I would definitely try very hard to make that first 21 days like a diet (meaning DON'T CHEAT) so that you can get used to your new way of eating and form habits that will last you a lifetime. 

How does Shakeology fit into the plan?

Good question!  Shakeology counts as a red (protein) container.  It fits wonderfully into the meal plan and into a Fixer's lifestyle because it is a simple and easy meal that has already been planned and prepped for you.... BAM! Done!  I personally love the fast and convenient nature of my daily shake as a busy full-time working mom of six! Plus, knowing that I am truly feeding my body the best nutrition available just sets my mind at ease... nutrition simplified!  It doesn't get any better than that!


Can I have Chocolate on the Fix?

YES!! You can!! Exciting, huh?  You are allowed to have per Autumn either a treat (ie- dark chocolate) or a small glass of wine up to three times a week in exchange for a yellow container.  For us chocoholics, this is GREAT news!!  I  typically incorporate my chocolate fix into a batch of fudgy avocado brownies or fix-approved peanut butter cups (I shared these recipes on Day #3 of this group).  That being said, I am a chocolate girl and I LOVE chocolate and I was really surprised how much the chocolate Shakeology shakes really quenched this particular craving!  Shakeology reduces cravings anyway, but sometimes at night when I just have to have some chocolate, I just mix me another shake! YUM!

Can I do the 21 Day Fix two times in a row?

Of course! YES!! Remember, this is a lifestyle change.  My hope is that after the first 21 days, you will repeat over and over again for the rest of your life!!  Remember the 80/20 Rule that we previously discussed.  You can't expect to eat right and be perfect 100% of the time, but you can expect to do well and make healthy choices 80% of the time.  This new rule teaches balance and moderation, a concept that never exists in a fad diet. When you practice the 80/20 Rule, you have the space to go out socially and enjoy a meal (or a cocktail!) with friends, but most importantly, it makes the whole clean-living thing feel doable for the long run.  And, after all.... that is what this is all about! FIXERS FOR LIFE!!

Will the Shakeology be a recurring order?

Yes.  When ordering a challenge pack, your Shakeology order will be placed on a monthly auto-ship.  Please understand that you can cancel your auto-ship very easily at any point in time on-line with no hassle without even having to pick up the phone. You can also place your order on hold for one to two months at a time whenever necessary very simply on-line through your Beachbody account.  The auto-ship saves you at least $10 in shipping costs, so even if you know that you are only going to purchase one bag, it makes financial sense to order it as a challenge pack on auto-ship to receive the discount.  The challenge pack is the cheapest way to purchase both a program and Shakeology together.  FYI, the term challenge pack refers to the inclusion of both Shakeology and a fitness program in one bundle.  For example, the 21 Day Fix program alone is approximately $70 and a month's supply of Shakeology is $140..... however the challenge pack costs $140 - $160, depending on ongoing monthly promotional sales by Beachbody at the time of purchase.  In order to achieve real success, you need BOTH tools (the Shakeology and the fitness program) together as a challenge pack.  Combine this with a layer of accountability provided by me and my challenge group and you have a winning combination!  

What if I don't like the Shakeology?  Can I return it?

I really do not think that this will happen...... however, Shakeology does have a bottom-of-the-bag 100% money-back guarantee full refund policy.  This means that even after you drink the entire bag, if you are unhappy with your results, you can send the empty bag back for a full refund! There is nothing to lose!  This goes to show you how much Beachbody stands behind Shakeology!! (and I do too, btw)

Do you have a question that I didn't think of?  

Please feel free to contact me with your questions either by email or through the Facebook group (via comments or Messenger).  I am more than happy to help and am always available to answer questions and chat!

OK!!  I am Ready!! Let's do this!

I want you to decide to make a change and commit to it for YOURSELF and I want to help you make that change!  I want to be your coach and get you into my next challenge group so that you can start achieving your goals and making your life better!  I can give you the tools that you need for success.... An amazing workout program + An amazing nutrition program (shakeology combined with the 21 Day Fix container system) + Accountability (me as your coach and access to my amazing challenge groups) ===> RESULTS and SUCCESS!!  If you are ready to start turning EXCUSES into RESULTS, then click below to get started now!