Welcome to the 21 Day Fix Sneak Peek Group!! I am so happy that you are here!

I realize that we do not know each other very well, do we?  Well, let's change that!  I would like to begin by telling you my story... my health transformation story.  I share this with you in the hopes that it will allow you to get to know me a little better.......


It all started when...

 As you heard above, I have been a long-time customer of Beachbody products and have enjoyed every program with which I have participated. I believe in the Beachbody products… so much so, that I decided to take another leap of faith and become a Beachbody coach myself in January 2016! I had such great success with the 21 Day Fix program that I became obsessed with it paying it forward to others. It is a simple program, however it is not an easy process.  But, I knew that if I could do this… anyone could do this with the right tools and support!

I am oftentimes asked why I decided to become a Beachbody coach, especially since I already have a job as a pharmacist.... There are multiple reasons, but the biggest one is because I have discovered that I truly have a passion for this business! It really lights me up in a way that I have never experienced as a pharmacist! I now know that it has taken me 43 years to finally find my God given purpose in this life, but I HAVE finally found it! I have never felt so fulfilled as I do helping other people to achieve their health and fitness goals simply by just showing them what I have learned and by being supportive and encouraging to them! I hope and pray that everyone can know the absolute JOY of living out your true calling... it is by far the best gift from God that I could have every received! So, that is why I LOVE being a Beachbody Coach!


My Before and After Pictures.....

It is important to note that I am a poor historian, so I did not take any "official" before/after pics or measurements…. But, I sure wish that I would have! At the time, I had no idea that I would become a coach later and the last thing that I wanted to do was take a picture of myself! The picture above with my husband was actually taken AFTER I had completed the Insanity and T25 programs (I lost about 8 pounds with T25).  The after picture was close to Christmas 2015.  Take it from me, document your success with pictures and take your measurements! Pictures and inches speak volumes while the scale can oftentimes leave you feeling depressed and defeated!  You will be glad that you decided to document your journey when you are standing at the finish line! Learn from my mistake!

I began the 21 Day Fix Program in October and I completed 2 rounds of 21 days. The before picture here was actually taken at the start of the second round of 21 Day Fix and the after photo is after completing the second round of 21 Day Fix.  (I failed to document the success of the first round!)  Since completing two rounds of 21 Day Fix, I have gone on to complete 21 Day Fix Extreme twice, The Master's Hammer and Chisel, and I am currently working my way through P90x3.  That being said, no matter what type of exercise that I do, I will always and forevermore utilize the nutrition plan that I learned with the 21 Day Fix.  This eating plan has become a  way of life for me... It is NOT a diet!  It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE that I will never give up!

You can NOT out- exercise a bad diet!!


I need for you to realize something here.... no matter how hard you exercise you absolutely can NOT out-exercise a bad diet!!  Do you realize that 80% of weight loss is in the kitchen?!  I am referring to what you put in your mouth!  20% of weight loss is related to your physical activity.  You have to keep your nutrition in check to lose weight! Period.. it's just a fact!  That is why the 21 Day Fix plan is so effective because it ensures that you feed your body the RIGHT FOODS in the RIGHT PORTION... which is the secret sauce to igniting the metabolism spark and then watching the pounds burn off! Trust me, I know what I am talking about here!  

Let's go ahead and debunk some myths about 21  Day Fix! This is what 21 Day Fix is NOT:

Myth #1: “21 Day Fix is a fad or just another “diet”.”

TRUTH: This is NOT a diet. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! 21 Day Fix is a guide, a platform, made for anyone and everyone! No one’s weight and body type is identical, and the fix takes that into consideration. Everyone uses the same calculation to figure out how many containers they can have in one day. 21 Day fix doesn’t deprive you of certain foods except processed foods.

Myth #2: “Colorful containers, ughh, sounds time consuming, very complicated, and annoying!”

TRUTH: These 7 containers change the way you will think about food foreverrrr (which is a good thing) and truthfully, I just love colorful things!  What’s so great about these containers?  Each container represents a different food group. The size of the container for each food group matters because it is already portioned to the size that is right for us. You don’t have to count calories or points or perform complicated calculations! It's simple and to the point!  (ex - 1 red=1 protein.)  BOOM!

The seven containers make my life extremely easy, especially when I am meal prepping! You don't have to constantly measure things out or weigh meats on a scale... You simply fill the container and eat it! Having the measurements for each food group already portioned for you is AWESOME! You don’t have to think twice if you’re doing something right or wrong—its already done for you! *On a side note, the containers are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Myth #3: Every diet leaves me hungry, or carb depleted, isn’t this just another “one of those” diets?!

TRUTH: NOPE! 21 Day fix will leave you full and wondering how in the world you are going to eat ALL of your containers every day.  So many people say to me, "This is way more food than I normally eat... I can't possibly fit in all of my containers!"  (and this would be why their metabolism is so sluggish! But we will get to that in another lesson!) Again... it is all about BALANCE and eating the right foods in the right portions! 

Myth #4: Eating healthy is SO expensive! I just wish I had the money to eat healthy.  I can't afford to buy fresh produce and organic "clean" foods!

TRUTH: This just simply is NOT true!  I thought the same thing, but honestly you can not afford NOT to eat healthy!  A poor will cost you more money in the long run with doctor visits, medications, etc.  And you would be surprised.. even more affordable stores like Food Lion have very good selections of fresh fruit and veggies, meats, and dairy at affordable prices.  It is not necessary to shop only at expensive whole food stores to incorporate 21 Day Fix into daily life.

Myth #5: “No one can eat healthy every single day of their life, I have to have cheat meals! What’s a diet without them?”

TRUTH: This myth is partially true. If you have the will power to stay away from your favorite unhealthy meal 24/7 FOREVER....then, good for you! You are a lot stronger than I am! Here is the good news.... you CAN have  a cheat meal or a treat every now and then when you are exercising and feeding your body right the majority of the time. 21 Day Fix allows for that!

Day One is DONE!!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read through all of this information and especially for taking the time to get to know me by watching my video!  I know how busy that we all are and I really appreciate your time!   I hope that you enjoyed the first day and Remember - This is only the beginning!!  Tomorrow we will discuss your "why" and why that is important, the metabolism monster, and key foods to make sure you get and the foods that you need to avoid at all cost! I will also introduce you to the creator of 21 Day Fix, Autumn Calabrese and start laying out the basics of the program for you.  See you tomorrow!!