Let's go ahead and debunk some myths about 21  Day Fix! This is what 21 Day Fix is NOT:

Myth #1: “21 Day Fix is a fad or just another “diet”.”

TRUTH: This is NOT a diet. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! 21 Day Fix is a guide, a platform, made for anyone and everyone! No one’s weight and body type is identical, and the fix takes that into consideration. Everyone uses the same calculation to figure out how many containers they can have in one day. 21 Day fix doesn’t deprive you of certain foods except processed foods.

Myth #2: “Colorful containers, ughh, sounds time consuming, very complicated, and annoying!”

TRUTH: These 7 containers change the way you will think about food foreverrrr (which is a good thing) and truthfully, I just love colorful things!  What’s so great about these containers?  Each container represents a different food group. The size of the container for each food group matters because it is already portioned to the size that is right for us. You don’t have to count calories or points or perform complicated calculations! It's simple and to the point!  (ex - 1 red=1 protein.)  BOOM!

The seven containers make my life extremely easy, especially when I am meal prepping! You don't have to constantly measure things out or weigh meats on a scale... You simply fill the container and eat it! Having the measurements for each food group already portioned for you is AWESOME! You don’t have to think twice if you’re doing something right or wrong—its already done for you! *On a side note, the containers are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Myth #3: Every diet leaves me hungry, or carb depleted, isn’t this just another “one of those” diets?!

TRUTH: NOPE! 21 Day fix will leave you full and wondering how in the world you are going to eat ALL of your containers every day.  So many people say to me, "This is way more food than I normally eat... I can't possibly fit in all of my containers!"  (and this would be why their metabolism is so sluggish! But we will get to that in another lesson!) Again... it is all about BALANCE and eating the right foods in the right portions! 

Myth #4: Eating healthy is SO expensive! I just wish I had the money to eat healthy.  I can't afford to buy fresh produce and organic "clean" foods!

TRUTH: This just simply is NOT true!  I thought the same thing, but honestly you can not afford NOT to eat healthy!  A poor will cost you more money in the long run with doctor visits, medications, etc.  And you would be surprised.. even more affordable stores like Food Lion have very good selections of fresh fruit and veggies, meats, and dairy at affordable prices.  It is not necessary to shop only at expensive whole food stores to incorporate 21 Day Fix into daily life.

Myth #5: “No one can eat healthy every single day of their life, I have to have cheat meals! What’s a diet without them?”

TRUTH: This myth is partially true. If you have the will power to stay away from your favorite unhealthy meal 24/7 FOREVER....then, good for you! You are a lot stronger than I am! Here is the good news.... you CAN have  a cheat meal or a treat every now and then when you are exercising and feeding your body right the majority of the time. 21 Day Fix allows for that!

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