What is a discount coach? Does it mean that I have to be like you and sell stuff?

No, not at all! I promise that no one will EVER ask you to sell a thing!  A discount coach is someone who enjoys drinking Shakeology and they want to drink it at the cheapest price available!  Don't get caught up on the word "coach"..... you are just enjoying a 25% discount for being a loyal customer!  This is probably the most common concern I get from people interested in the discount. They want the discount but don’t want to “coach” others. Just because you signed up for the Beachbody coach discount doesn’t mean you have to actively help coach others. Whether you want to grow this as a business, or just sit back and enjoy the discount, that is up to you. I’m happy with whatever option you choose.  But, I feel that I would not be providing you good service if I did not at least try to share with you the opportunity to save money. I mean, everyone wants to save money, right?!

Are there other “discount coaches?” YES! Many people sign up just to enjoy the discount. In fact, I have read that nearly 85% of coaches are signed up just for the discount – so you are not alone!

OK.... that sounds good.  How does it work? Give me the nuts and bolts of this thing.....

As a Beachbody coach, you get 25% off ANY order. That’s right, ANY order you place. It can be for a program like the 21 Day Fix, apparel, or even something as simple as your daily Activit Vitamins.  However, The 25% discount is the most beneficial to Shakeology customers. As a discount coach, you can save up to $20 per month on your Shakeology. That’s almost $250 per year for doing nothing but signing up as a discount coach!  Plus - if later on down the road, you decide that you want to expand your workout library and maybe upgrade to 21 Day Fix Extreme or Hammer and Chisel, you would receive a 25% discount off of your purchase..... ALL future purchases FOREVER!

What's the catch?  Does it Cost Me Anything to be a Discount Coach?  You can sign up as discount coach for a one-time fee of $39.95, however this fee is waived when you purchase a challenge pack at the same time that you sign up!  So, you can purchase your 21 Day Fix program with Shakeology as a challenge pack and sign up as a discount coach for FREE and receive 25% off your next month's Shakeology shipment.  Pretty cool, huh?

Then, each month there is a $15.95 fee to maintain your discount coach status. But guess what? If you’re drinking Shakeology, you’ll still be saving $20 each month.  After the 25% discount, your monthly cost of Shakeology is $106 compared to $140/month (the amount you would pay if you were not a discount coach).  After you add the $15 fee, you are effectively saving almost $20/month every month on your Shakeology just by signing up as a discount coach.  Then, of course if you were to purchase something else that month, you would enjoy the full 25% discount.  Many couples enjoy drinking Shakeology and find that they need 2 bags/month to allow one bag for each spouse.  If you are in this position and want to order two bags, please sign up as a discount coach to save money.  Your second bag will only be $106 ($121 +$106 = $227 for two bags vs $280 for two bags at the regular price).  In this situation, one spouse would sign up as a discount coach with a challenge pack and receive one bag of Shakeology.  After you receive confirmation of your purchase from Beachbody via email, you can log into your account and order your second bag at 25% off!

You are under NO obligation to sell or buy a certain amount of product each month.

What if I Want to Cancel?  Will it be a big hassle?  It is a very simple process to cancel your Shakeology home direct shipment and your coach account.  You can cancel at any point in time on-line very easily with no questions asked.  You do not even have to pick up the phone if you do not want!  If you know that you want to try Shakeology for at least 2 months, it makes financial sense to sign up as a discount coach with a challenge pack and receive the discount for that second month's shipment.  Who knows??  You might just change your mind after give Shakeology a try for a month.  You will feel so amazing that you will be glad that you signed up for the discount! 

I know that this can all be pretty confusing!  If you have any questions about anything I have explained, please feel free to email me:  fitandhappy@pambarefoot.com  

Let's Do This!!

I want to purchase a challenge pack and sign up as a discount coach at the same time to avoid that $39.95 one-time fee. Please follow these steps to sign up as a discount coach:

Click on to the button below to be connected to my Beachbody website. 
Click Become A Coach
Fill out necessary shipping and payment info
Select your challenge pack on left side
Pick your shakeology flavor

IMPORTANT: If you have ever ordered anything from Beachbody in the past (even if it was only one time 10 years ago), when you make your purchase today, you will automatically be assigned to your previous default coach.  To prevent this, please make sure to change your coach to me (Pam Barefoot, Coach ID # 866258) during the appropriate step of the check-out process.   Please don't forget to do this or I will not be assigned as your coach and you will not be in my challenge group or eligible for my exclusive bonuses! If you are unsure about the process and want to make 100% sure that I am assigned as your coach, please do not hesitate to email me at fitandhappy@pambarefoot.com for help with your purchase.  With your email address, I can pre-enroll you with your purchase as a discount coach to take the worry and headache out of this process. So, if you are a previous Beachbody customer, contact me to pre-enroll you today!  With pre-enrollment, you will receive an email link from me to your specific purchase on my Beachbody website.  All you will need to do is follow the link contained within the email and fill in your shipping and payment info.  Easy!

*Feel free to shoot me an email as soon as you have completed the sign up steps so that I can check and make sure that everything went through with me as your coach and that you are good to go! Sign up glitches can be fixed after the fact, but it is very time sensitive!