Let's Get #HealthyMom Strong!

Developing a healthy lifestyle is hard. But, if there is one thing I have learned...it is easier with a support system! I know all too well how difficult it is to balance mom life, work life, and still find time to take care of yourself!  Let's face it.... we moms are famous for putting ourselves dead LAST! If you are someone that knows exactly what to do to take control of your fitness, but you simply lack the time, the energy, and the motivation to do it -then you are in the right place!  I will help you find a fitness program to fit your very busy lifestyle, help you develop a meal plan that is easy, convenient, and family friendly, and provide the accountability and support that you need to stick with it long-term!  We all know the old saying, "If Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!"  Well, you should really think of it as, "If Momma ain't healthy, nothing gets done!!"  You are the backbone of your family and as such, you have to take of yourself!  You can't pour from an empty cup..... Just as you can't take care of your family unless you take care of yourself first!  I can provide you with the tools that you need to turn EXCUSES into RESULTS!!  

Are you ready to become #HealthyMom Strong??

Do any of these questions sound like you??

  • Are you tired of being feeling drained at the end of a long work day?
  • Do you put yourself last on the priority list always falling behind the needs of your children and husband?
  • Do you think that everything on your to-do list has to be checked off before you can take a minute for yourself?
  • Do you think that because you work full-time and have children that there is not enough time in the day to take care of yourself?
  • Are you tired of trying on every outfit in your closet and not being happy with a single thing that you put on? 
  • Are you tired of not being able to keep up with your kids?
  • Are you tired of being tired??
  • Are you afraid of trying yet another program that you know will not work?
  • Do you want to set a good example for your kids so that they grow up to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you want to be around to enjoy those grandchildren?

Believe me, I know how you feel!! I have been where you are and I have felt all of these things!!

About 6 months after my youngest child was born, I had to have knee surgery and was unable to exercise for an entire year. So, I know how it feels to carry that extra "tire" around your waist feeling like there is nothing that you can do about it! Finally, I decided to quit making excuses and to quit blaming other people for my circumstances and I took ACTION! Be the mom that your kids deserve and the wife that your husband deserves!  I have made it my personal mission to help other moms overcome what I have been able to achieve myself.   I will share every secret that I have learned along the way to reach my goal of becoming a healthier and happier wife and mom, aka Fit and Happy!

Introducing My #HealthyMom 21 day Fitness Program!

This program is perfect for you if you answered yes to any of the above questions.  I know what it feels like to let mom life take over for so long that one day you look in the mirror and you can no longer see even a trace of that girl that you once were before kids.  I have been where you are and I can help! If you desire to make a change and get back to that energetic girl you once were, but you don't know where to start or you don't have the energy or motivation to start.... you are in the RIGHT place!

First, you should know that this program is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change! The program lasts 21 days under the thought process that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. The goal is that after 21 days, you change your eating habits and exercise habits and make it a lifestyle change rather than considering it to be a diet. I am offering you the tools and support that you need to make a lifestyle change and turn EXCUSES into RESULTS to become #HealthyMom Strong! 








Why should you listen to me??

Good question! Let me share my story....

This is where I started...

About 5 years ago, I was in your shoes.  After an accident in which I tore my ACL and LCL (which was shortly after giving birth to my third child), I had packed on about 30 pounds after a year of inactivity and rehab for my knee.  For a person with metabolic syndrome who is predisposed to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes... this was very SCARY!  I knew that I wanted to get back to that active and fit person I was before my second pregnancy, but nothing that I tried was working... I felt like I was spinning my wheels failing with one diet after another! I knew that my metabolism was completely non-functional and I didn't know what to do to get it to start working for me again! I felt isolated, unhappy, and depressed.  I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I longed to see the woman that I was before I gave birth to my third child after twins.... the woman before the accident.  I didn't even recognize the woman staring back at me in the mirror and she disgusted me! I couldn't keep up with my toddler at all.  I felt guilty that she wasn't getting to enjoy the healthy and active mom that my older twins had known.  Every morning before work, I was constantly changing clothes, trying to find something that looked decent.  I had outgrown all of my "cute" clothes and hated buying clothes in a larger size.  I can't tell you how many times I stood in my closet, eyes full of tears, feeling helpless and wishing that the hard work with dieting and exercise that I was putting in would pay off for me!  My self-confidence was at an all-time low and I was constantly comparing myself to others, which of course would always just make me feel even worse.  Even though my husband constantly assured me that I was beautiful to him, I didn't feel beautiful.  It was hard for me to feel sexy and desired, which came with its own set of repercussions.  I felt like I had a big huge tire around my waist... every time that I bent over or twisted in my desk chair, it was there, constantly reminding me how out of shape that I had become! I could tell that my poor self-confidence was starting to take a toll on all of my relationships and effect every aspect of my life.  I was spiraling deeper and deeper into this pit of depression and felt helpless to do anything to stop this vicious cycle because everything that I was doing didn't seem to work.  I was afraid to try yet another program that I knew was not going to work and was just going to leave me feeling even worse about myself.  And this was not the example that I wanted to teach to my kids.  I had never felt so out of control of my own life and of my emotions.. I was letting FEAR take over.

My struggle....

I felt that with my busy lifestyle and full-time job, that there was just not enough time in the day to exercise.  I couldn't seem to let go of the feeling that I had to make sure that all of the kids' needs were met, the laundry was folded, dinner was cooked and the hubby was fed, and the house was clean BEFORE I could even think about taking 30 minutes out of the day to do something for myself (like exercise).   I couldn't seem to grasp the fact that I HAD to take time out for myself and put myself first every once in a while or I was NEVER going to be able to effectively take care of my family.  It was easy and convenient to just grab snacks and make unhealthy food choices... I didn't have time to plan healthy meals and I justified it by telling myself that healthy food was too expensive!  I blamed my injury and  felt like my knee was never going to be back to normal and be 100% healed after everything that I went through, which only added to my discouragement.  It was hard to take those first baby steps toward change because I felt like nothing that I did was helping! I was exercising regularly and was trying my best to eat healthy, but I was not losing any weight... the scale would not budge!  I felt like giving up because I felt that it was all useless and a waste of my time since I wasn't  losing any weight or improving my health.  I couldn't seem to overcome my fear and self-doubt enough to give into the process 100% and fully trust the process enough to LET IT WORK!  

What finally resulted in a change??

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here:    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1135930836450472

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1135930836450472

A friend told me about the 21 Day Fix program, but I was really skeptical because I was already exercising fairly regularly and "eating healthy" (so I thought).  But, I ordered the program and gave it a try and I am so glad that I did because it has changed my life!  This program taught me how to eat the RIGHT foods in the RIGHT portions to fuel my body in such a way that it finally began to do what I so desperately wanted it to do.  My metabolism finally came back and started to work for me! With Shakeology, I was feeding my body the nutrition that it craved, which revved up my metabolism and amplified my results.  Additionally, the workouts incorporated light weights, which was totally new to me (as I was always a hard corps cardio junkie).  But, the resistance training was the missing link that I really needed to get my metabolism in gear and start melting the fat.  I learned so much that I was doing wrong with this nutrition plan.  I thought that I was a healthy eater for the most part, but I was not eating the right foods in the right portion and this change was a critical key to my success.  In hindsight, I can definitely see that I just needed to fully "let go" and trust the process enough to get the results that I had been seeking for so long...and my coach was finally able to help me do that!  The support and accountability group that my coach had me participate in was another critical piece of the puzzle... this group was my rock that kept me from throwing in the towel when it got hard or from sneaking that bag of chips when I got hungry.  The accountability, motivation, and support that I received from the group was a game changer for me!

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1081236891919867&set=a.103600409683525.2638.100001007003552&type=3&theater

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1081236891919867&set=a.103600409683525.2638.100001007003552&type=3&theater

Where am I now?

I lost 25 pounds with the 21 Day Fix Program and am now back at my pre-pregnancy weight.   I am now back in my size 8 jeans and wearing my "cute" wardrobe again.  I have been able to maintain my weight loss because this program was not a diet for me... it was a lifestyle change!  I am full of energy and am able to keep up with my kids, so much so, that I often leave them in the dust when we go for a jog or a bike ride!  I just feel healthier and I no longer experience that BLAH feeling that I just thought was normal for someone my age.  My cholesterol has reduced 15 points and the doctor told me that I am no longer showing all the precursors for metabolic syndrome like I was just 6 months earlier.  I am HAPPY!  I feel strong, independent, and empowered.  I can lift my own groceries, open my own jars, take charge of any situation, and do 20 push ups on my feet (I could barely do two when I started).  I am self-confident and therefore more social. Long gone are the days of feeling isolated or depressed.  I feel beautiful, sexy, and desired by my husband and we are like newlyweds again!   This increased self-confidence has translated to an improvement in every aspect of my life.  I am a better wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, pharmacist, and person!  Oh... and did I say that I was HAPPY?! Fit and Happy... that is my new motto! :)


Is this kind of change possible for you?  How does it work??

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here:    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1074252095951680&set=a.1041678802542343.1073741828.100001007003552&type=3&theater

Thinking that this might not be a real person?  I can assure you that she is!  This picture was from an actual Facebook post.  You can check out the live post and see what all her family and friends had to say about it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1074252095951680&set=a.1041678802542343.1073741828.100001007003552&type=3&theater

Absolutely YES!! I am here to tell you that if I can do it, you can do it too!!  I promise that this plan really does work!  If you stick with it, it works! It really does... it is just that simple!  And don't just take my word for it... look at the three success stories that I have shared on this page!  These are three women that I have had the pleasure of helping with this proven program through my #HealthyMom Challenge.  And I will be with you every step of the way to motivate and help you to make sure that you stick with it!  Simple nutrition and portion control, 30 minutes/day of the right kind of exercise.... Proven results!  But how you ask?? The Healthy Eating Plan shows you how to eat the RIGHT foods in the RIGHT portions.  And you need to commit to doing one 30-minute workout per day for 21 days - you can squeeze in 30 minutes! I don't care how busy you are!  I will teach you how to give yourself 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself! This is not a diet or magic pill... it is a lifestyle change!  I will give you the tools and support that you need to make the change!  I will show you all of the time saving tips and tricks that I learned along the way that you NEED as a busy mom!  I will make this simple, easy, and convenient for you to follow.  I have made it my personal mission to pay it forward and help other busy moms make a happier life for themselves.  

What is included?  What do I get?

*Daily accountability, support, and motivation
*Education regarding meal planning and prep, the right foods to eat to fuel your body right, and recipes galore
*A fun home workout program from a top company to fit your fitness level
*A month's supply of Shakeology (your secret weapon to feeding your body with the perfect nutrition that it craves to turn your body into a fat burning machine)
*Nutrition guide book with Healthy Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do, along with my sample meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and meal prep tips and tricks for busy moms
*Daily devotionals to nourish your soul
*One-on-One Coach support
*An online community of other busy moms just like you working toward similar goals with similar challenges
*7 color-coded portion-control containers  


Me as your own personal coach!!

Let's Get Started! 

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