Hammer and Chisel - Day 8: Chisel Cardio

Day 8: Chisel Cardio

After completing one week of The Master's program, I am proud to say that I am still standing and that I survived!

Some notes -Autumn delivers another booty burner with this workout. Each move is 60 seconds long, and there are two rounds!

Over the Top – This move has you going stepping up on a chair with both feet and then stepping down the other side. 

Pull Up – 60 seconds of pull ups! I had to use the resistance band for this move.

Dumbbell Swing – Hold on to a dumbbell and swing it UP and back between your legs! 

Figure 8 – This is an ab move. Sit in a C-position and you rotate a light dumbbell in a figure-8 pattern.

Burpee – A standard burpee! Down, jump back, and back UP! No weights!

Sword Pull (L / R) – This move was in 21 Day Fix Extreme. It’s a side lunge with a sword pull up on the step up, with a weight. I used a 10 pound weight.

Forearm Plank Kick – This is a plank move on your forearms. You need to keep your butt down and kick to each side. I made it about 30 seconds in and then switched to just moving my knees! This one really burns!

Side Step Up Kick (L / R) – Similar to over the top, except you don’t go over the top. You keep one foot on the bench (or in my case, the fireplace) the entire time. Step up and KICK with that foot. It should be a slow & controlled movement! Also, you should be holding a weight for this one up at your chest. I used an 8 pound weight.  This one is really HARD to complete for the duration!

Chisel Cardio Review & Thoughts:  

Today’s workout was really fun! It was a little longer at nearly 40 minutes. I have gotten really used to 30 minute workouts so I did notice the extra time, but it was still manageable.  I can tell that I am getting stronger from this program even after only 7 days. There is consistent "hammering" each day on a lot of the same muscle groups in slightly different ways to keep you feeling sore.

Chisel Cardio reminds of of 21 Day Fix Extreme cardio in the fact that we used weights. It’s more like HIIT training than a straight cardio routine, so your heart rate is all over the place.  It's a good and challenging workout!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 9!