Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 24: Chisel Cardio

Day 24 - Chisel Cardio

This is an intense cardio workout from Autumn Calabrese! If you are used to 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme workouts, then you may not have felt this to be so difficult. However, if you are not used to training with Autumn, then this workout is sure to BURN your BOOTY!!  

There are 2 rounds and each move is 60 seconds long.  You repeat each move to form the second round.

The moves are as follows:

Over the Top – This move has you going stepping up on a chair with both feet and then stepping down the other side. I performed this move with a chair as I do not have a bench.

Over the top

Pull Up – 60 seconds of pull ups! I used the resistance band attached to the door.

Modified pull ups

Dumbbell Swing – Hold on to a dumbbell and swing it UP and then back between your legs! I I really enjoyed this move!  

Figure 8 – This is an ab move. Sit in a C-position and you rotate a light dumbbell in a figure-8 pattern. I used a 12 pound weight.

Burpee – A normal burpee! Down, back, and jump UP! No weights!

Sword Pull (L / R) – This move was in 21 Day Fix Extreme. It’s a side lunge with a sword pull up on the step up, with a weight.

Sword pulls

Forearm Plank Kick – This is a plank move on your forearms. You need to keep your butt down and kick to each side. This one really burns!

Side Step Up Kick (L / R) – Similar to over the top, except you don’t go over the top. You keep one foot on the bench (or in my case, the fireplace) the entire time. Step up and KICK with that foot. It should be a slow & controlled movement! Also, you should be holding a weight for this one up at your chest. I used an 8 pound weight.  This one is really HARD to complete for the duration!

Side step up kick

Even by Day 24, This workout is still VERY challenging! By the end of the last move (10 reps on each side) for the second time, your legs truly feel like JELLO!! Even though this is considered a cardio workout, it really serves as more of a total body workout.  This workout is one of my favorites, but I also am a bit of a cardio junkie! 

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 25!