Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 29: Total Body Chisel

Day 29 - Total Body Chisel

This workout is a typical Autumn Calabrese style workout.  If you are a fan of 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme workouts, then you will feel right at home for this workout!  For this workout you will need moderate to heavy dumbbells depending on your ability.  I used between 12 - 25 pound dumbbells (an increase from the last time that I did this workout on Day 19).  You will also need a bench if you have one available.  If you don’t have a bench you can use an exercise ball and steps, fireplace, or chair (or do the modifications shown in the workout).

This workout is roughly 36 minutes in length. The setup is 3 circuits of 3 moves within each circuit with 10 repetitions. You repeat each move three times to complete one circuit!  That is a lot of repetition! She gives you a small rest break between circuits.  You are not performing a ton of reps, so you are expected to use a weight that is "heavy" for you.  Autumn really keeps you moving and speaks to form and safety all throughout the routine.  She gives you reassurance as to "where you should be feeling it" and thoroughly explains how to do each move.

Bench press on stability ball

Round 1
Squat (traditional)
Bench Press (using the bench or stability ball)
Reverse Grip Row 
*repeat round twice for a total of three times

Reverse grip rows

                                                        Incline flys

Round 2
Lunge (R/L 10 each leg)
Incline Fly (using the bench or ball at a 45 degree angle) 
Dumbbell Pullover (using the bench or ball)
*repeat round twice for a total of three times

Dumbbell pullovers

                                                    Incline bicep curls
Round 3
Step Up Crossover Lunge (R/L 10 each leg using the flat bench or a step) 
Incline Bicep Curl (using bench or ball at 45 degree angle) 
Tricep Bench Dip (using the bench or step) 
*repeat round twice for a total of three times

Tricep dips

Whew!  I'm beat!  The Step up Crossover Lunges are very challenging!!  I was performing them on my fireplace which is set pretty high.  This workout is really true to its name in that it truly is a total body workout!  I really enjoyed it and felt challenged. Oh My! I also had to do 10 min Ab Chisel after this!!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 30!

My Meal Plan for today: