Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 33: ISO Speed Hammer

Day 33: ISO Speed Hammer

This workout is short and sweet! At only 24 mins long (including warm up and cool down), Sagi's goal is burn out your muscles quickly with very little rest in between moves.  This workout definitely has left me feeling sore... especially my biceps and lower back.  This is now the third time completing this workout, so I was more familiar with what weights I needed to use to really feel burn!  

The workout begins with push ups to really get your chest and shoulders engaged.  He moves right into static lunges, followed by chin ups.  I am still using the resistance band attached to the door for these.  I still can not do one pull-up without an assist band, fyi.  Next, we tackled sumo squats followed by rear delt flys.  The rear delt flys were very challenging!  Next, we moved to bicep curls on the ball, really burns out the biceps!.  Finally, calf raises with tricep kickbacks bringing up the rear.  This workout moves very quickly and is sure to leave both your upper and lower body on fire!  

Please see Hammer and Chisel Journey- Day 5: ISO Speed Hammer for a full explanation and description of the moves performed within the workout.  

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 34!

My Meal Plan for today:

Sample Day
Container Tally
Chocolate Shakeology (red)
Mixed w/peanut butter (1 tsp)
and ½ bananna (purple)
1 red
1 purple
1 tsp
Carrot sticks (green)
1 green
Dannon Chocolate raspberry Greek yogurt
1 egg sliced and rolled up with deli ham slices
 2 red

3 red
1 apple, sliced (purple)
dipped in almond butter (orange)
1 orange
Homemade pizza with sweet potatoe crust (yellow) - get pizza recipe
topped with chicken
and mushrooms, squash, onions, green peppers, and spinach (2)
2 yellow
1 blue

4 red

3 green

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