Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 34: Chisel Endurance

Day 34: Chisel Endurance

Please see prior blog: Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 6: Chisell Endurance for a complete listing of all of the moves performed during the workout.

This workout is all about building endurance.  At this point in the schedule, this is only the second time repeating this workout, which is surprising given that it is day 34!  However, we have completed three other different styles of cardio workouts twice each (Hammer Plyometrics, Chisel Agility, and Chisel Cardio).  Despite the fact that Chisel Endurance is probably categorized as a cardio workout, it really could be considered a total body workout.  Each move lasts for one minute, and by the end of some of the moves.... you are barely hanging on! It is a real challenge to complete all 60 seconds of all of the moves even at this stage of the program.  The step up cross-overs are, by far, the most difficult move of the workout.  I used a 10 lb weight and really struggled to complete 60 sec by the time we got to the second leg.  I also struggled with the decline push-ups.  I completed the entire first set on the stability ball, however I had to drop to my knees for the last 20 sec on the second round.  The plank knee taps were KILLER at the very end.  I was able to complete both sets at 60 seconds each, but just barely!  It KILLED me!!  All in all, I have definitely improved my performance from the first time performing this workout during Week 1, in which I was not able to do even one set of the push ups without having to drop to my knees!  I am pleased with my progress and am really starting to note some definition in my arms!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel-Day 35!

My Meal Plan:

Sample Day
Container Tally
Chocolate Shakeology (red)
Mixed w/peanut butter (1 tsp)
and ½ bananna (purple)
1 red
1 purple
1 tsp
Carrot sticks (green)
Nonfat plain Greek Yogurt
mixed with Fruit cup (strawberries, pinepples)
1 green
2 red
Salad with lettuce , cucumbers, tomatoes, etc (1 green)
Topped with deli meat or chicken breast  or 2 hard boiled eggs (red)
Top with cheese or avocado, not both (blue)
Oil and vinegar dressing (1 tsp)
2 green
1 blue
2 tsp
Turkey burger
with swiss cheese
Butternut Squash fries(1 green) - get recipe
Whole wheat hamburger bun
4 red
1 orange
3 green
2 yellow