Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 36: Chisel Agility

Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 36 : Chisel Agility

This workout by Autumn Calabrese is very fast-paced and lives up to the name... Agility!  She incorporates fast footwork and heart rate pumping cardio moves all while keeping your mind engaged!  With this workout, she does not let you put yourself on auto pilot and just follow along with the moves mindlessly!  She is testing your ability to keep your brain in tact even though you may be getting tired.  She calls out moves, and you have to pay attention to keep up or you will mess up!  I really like this workout!  I do not find the level of cardio to be extremely difficult, although there are several exercises that are pretty challenging to endure for the entire 60 sec.

The workout goes as follows:

Moves are 60 Seconds each! NO WEIGHTS! You do all 10 moves, break for a minute, then do them AGAIN!! 

High Knees / Fast Tire Feet – You do high knees going forward, and then wide knees going back. (this one is one of the moves that is challenging to do for the entire minute.... she starts you out with a bang!)

Plank X Taps – Plank position with hand taps (front left / right) and leg taps (back left / right). She calls this one out, so you have to pay attention! Definitely a strong core move.

Shuffle / Grapevine -Directions change during the move. You grapevine in one direction and side shuffle the other direction. This is the fast footwork that I was telling you about!

Lateral Squat Hop – The name tells you! It’s a squat, and then you hop laterally to the left or right as Autumn calls it out.

Multidirectional Lunge  – Front lunge/ Side lunge / Reverse lunge on one foot, then switch to the other foot after 30 seconds.

Rotating Squat Jump – 180 degree squat jumps.  This one is a huge leg burner after 60 seconds and another one of the moves that is difficult to do for the entire minute!

Skater Triangle – This one is a little tricky. Imagine you are standing at the top of the triangle on the floor with the two sides behind you. You left up on foot and jump to that side, then to other corner of the triangle, and back to the front. Then you go again in the opposite direction.  

Diagonal Jump Lunge – This is basically a crossover lunge (lunge left with the right foot, and then the other direction) but the transition is done with a jump.  This one is hard and really hard to do for the entire minute.  I would say that this is the most difficult move in the workout!

Circle In & Out – This is kind of like fast feet and incorporates fancy footwork! Imagine you are standing in the middle of a circle. Then what you do is fast feet up to the edge of the circle an back to the middle. As you keep going, rotate around the circle. If you get confused, just move your feet fast until your heart rate goes up, LOL.

Directional Squat Jump – Squat to a jump – front, left, right, back depending on what direction Autumn calls out.  Again, you have to pay attention on this one.... she tries to trick you!

Chisel Agility Review & Thoughts:  

This is one of the few Hammer & Chisel workouts that does not incorporate weights. I liked this workout and like most of the Autumn's workouts, my legs finished on fire! I have LOVED using weights almost every day with this program, but it was nice to have a break from weights and enjoy just plain cardio!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 37!

My Meal Plan today:

Sample Day
Container Tally
Chocolate Shakeology (red)
Mixed w/peanut butter (1 tsp)
and ½ bananna (purple)
1 red
1 purple
1 tsp
Sauteed mushrooms, onions, and squash (1 green)
Left over turkey burger patty (red)
with swiss cheese (blue)
brown rice (yellow)
1 green
2 red
1 blue
1 yellow
Nonfat Greek Yogurt (red)
Mixed w/ fresh sliced strawberries (purple)
almonds (orange)
3 red
2 purple
1 orange
Baked Salmon (red)
Steamed broccoli (1 green)
Sauteed Spinach
brown rice (yellow)
cooked in extra virgin olive oil
4 red
2 green
3 green
2 yellow
2 tsp