Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 39: Chisel Cardio

Chisel Cardio - Day 39

Please see Hammer and Chisel - Day 8 for a full description and review of this cardio workout from Autumn Calabrese.

This workout will really get your heart pumping and leave you feeling breathless... even on Day 38!  This workout is still VERY challenging!  

I performed the Over the Top move on the chair for the first set and followed the modifier for the second set performing the move on the floor.  I used a 10 pound weight for both sets.  

I still had to use the resistance band attached to the door for the minute long set of pull ups.  Next up was the dumbbell swings.... This is still my favorite move withing this workout.  I used a 20 pound weight for the first set and a 25 pound weight for the second set.  Wow!  What a difference between 20 and 25 pounds!  It really hurt my back on the second set going up to the higher weight... not sure if I will try that again next time!  

Next, Figure Eight move (I used a 10 pound weight) and Burpees with jumps in between.  Next was the Sword Pull Move.  I was able to do 21 to 22 reps on each side within the alotted minute of time.  This move really becomes challenging by the end of the minute.  I used a 10 pound weight.

Last was the Forearm Plank Kicks (really burns!) and the Side Step Up Kicks. This is still the hardest move in the workout... my pace really slows down as I near the end of the minute and my thighs REALLY burn.  Check out my video of this move!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 40.

I just love this!! Was feeling inspired by this, so I wanted to share!!