Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 40: Hammer Power

Day 40: Hammer Power

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I feel as though as I have stepped into the middle of a "clean nightmare"..... Just kidding!  Seriously though, this workout really incorporates A LOT of cleans!  Each moves builds on top of the next move with the clean being the building block move of this workout.  All this being said, it really is a very effective workout that includes some great heavy power lifting.  I will just trust Sagi in the order in which he has placed these workouts because we have done Hammer Power a lot and often lately!  I was able to go up on the weights some this time on moves that did not require a press.  When a press was required, I maxed out at 15 pound dumbbells and used 25 pound dumbbells for moves without press involvement.  This is a nice improvement for me!  I can tell that I am getting much, much stronger!  

Please see Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 28 and Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 30 for a more descriptive account of this workout and featured video clips of many of the workout moves.