Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 45: ISO Strength Chisel

Day 45 - ISO Strength Chisel

Some notes – All moves are 10 reps, followed by a 10 second isometric (ISO) hold.  AND you repeat everything twice.... so a total of three sets for every move!  This becomes VERY challenging!  She does allow for time to stretch before she moves on to the next move.

Sumo Squat – Toes pointed out. Use weights and keep your back straight. Down & up 10 times, then HOLD! Repeat twice. I used 25 pound dumbbells.
Push Up – Simple move, hard to do! :) 10 pushups, followed by holding for 10 seconds in the down position. Repeat twice.  I had to do each hold on my knees for all three sets.  By the third set, I could not even do the 10 push ups on my feet, had to go down to my knees!  This is an improvement from Day 21 in which I performed all of it on my knees!

Split Squat – One foot on the bench and you drop down 10 times on each side, followed by an isometric hold.  Repeat twice.  This one REALLY burns by the time that you are done! I used 25 pound dumbbells.  

Pull Up – Again, simple move, but hard to do! 10 Pull ups, followed by a HOLD at the top for 10 seconds. Repeat twice. I used a resistance band attached to the door. My husband uses the pull up bar.

Step Up Side Hold – In this move, you step up onto the bench with one foot 10 times from the SIDE. Then, you HOLD for 10 seconds with your leg in front of you. Repeat twice.  Autumn really likes to keep hammering on those legs!! This one really BURNS! I am holding a 10 pound dumbbell.

One Arm Row – Straightforward, a one arm row with weights. The isometric HOLD is at the top for 10 seconds. Repeat twice. I used a 10 pound dumbbell.

Sit up C- Curve – Situps with a light weight held at your chest. Make sure you keep your chest up. The isometric hold is for 10 seconds in the down position. Repeat twice. I used a 10 pound dumbbell.
Lateral Raise – Light weights for this one! A lateral raise with an isometric hold at the top of the move. Repeat twice. Shoulders really feel the burn! I used 5 pound weights with this move and was really challenged with this amount of weight!

ISO Strength Chisel Review: 

The isometric hold is what really makes this difficult. These ISO moves really work. I felt them in my muscles for the next 36 hours after completing the workout.  By far, the hardest move for me on this set was split squat. The outside of my booty was BURNING. I love being able to tell very quickly during these workouts which muscles I rarely use.

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 22!