Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 6: Chisel Endurance

Day #6:  Autumn says this workout is about building ENDURANCE. And, boy is that true! All of the moves are 60 seconds.  Trust me... Don't go too heavy on the weights! You perform all the moves once and then repeat the full cycle again. By the end of round #2, you are definitely BEAT!
  • Bench Run Ups (L / R) –  I used steps for this as you can see in picture. You step up with one foot, and step down, and keep going. After 60 seconds, you switch to the other leg.

  • Negative Pull Ups – Slow on the down motion. They used a wide-grip in the video. I used the resistance band attached to the door knob.
  • Step up Cross Over (L / R) – One foot stays planted on the bench (in my case, the step). The other foot goes up & over while you are holding a weight. This gets significantly more challenging over time. 
  • Decline Push Up  – Your toes on the stability ball and do pushups!

  • One Hand Row w/ Leg Extension (L  / R)  – One hand on the bench and row with your other. Your leg also goes up in the air. 
  • Incline Press – Set the bench at a 45 degree angle (or use the ball as I did). 60 seconds of press. Your chest will be sore after this one.

  • Plank Knee Taps –  Low plank hold on your forearms. Then, you lower and tap each knee repeatedly for 60 seconds.  The lowered position makes this move more challenging and I was REALLY burning after 60 seconds!

Chisel Endurance Review & Thoughts:  

I loved this workout! The 60 second duration for each move really pushed me and this workout will definitely live up to its name!  I am BEAT, but in a good way!!!  I hadn’t read the workout guide and was not quite expecting the second round of the same moves, lol!

Looking forward to tomorrow!  See you for Hammer and Chisel - Day 7