Hammer and Chisel Journey: Hammer Power Workout - Day 28

Hammer Power - Day 28


I just have 3 words for today's workout.... Cleans, cleans, and MORE cleans!! Oh, and did I mention cleans??

Hammer Power is very unique for a Beachbody program. This is the first power-lifting workout I have seen from Beachbody. Sagi takes you through a number of power moves that bring a new approach to the program.

This workout is about 30 minutes long and focuses on teaching you how to do a proper Clean/Squat/Lift or Jerk move. It starts with one of the basic moves and builds upon it until the end of the workout. Most of the moves are 10 reps with a light weight and then 5 reps with medium to heavy weight.  The workout really focuses on your legs and shoulders but you will also feel it some in the back.


The moves include:

* Overhead press
* Squats
* Thrusters
* Jerk Presses
* Deadlifts
* Shrugs
* Upright rows
* Cleans
* Clean & Presses
* Clean & Squats
* Clean/squat/presses
* Clean/squat/jerks
* 1 arm squat press
* 1 arm squat jerks


   Clean and Press

This sounds like a lot of moves, but you move pretty quickly through them. This is a challeging workout that really gets your heart pumping.  I did feel this one in my back in addition to the primary target, which was of course, legs and shoulders!  I have attached some videos of some of the compound moves for your viewingpleasure. :) 

  Clean and Jerk

This was our second time completing this workout, so we were more familiar with the moves and I could use heavier weights compared to the first time that I completed this one.  I used 10 lb dumbbells whenever it called for light weights and I used either 15 lb dumbbells or 22 lb dumbbells when Sagi called for heavy weights.  If the move included a press, I used the 15's and if the press was not involved, then I used the 22's.  This was a significant improvement from using 8 lb (light) and 12 lb (heavy) the last time that I did this workout!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 29!

My Meal Plan for Today:

Sample Day
Container Tally
Chocolate Shakeology (red)
Mixed w/peanut butter (1 tsp)
and ½ bananna (purple)
1 red
1 purple
1 tsp
Carrot sticks (green)
Dipped in hummus (orange)
1 green
1 orange
Chicken Taco Salad with lettuce and tomatoes (1 green)
Topped with left-over crock pot chicken for tacos (red) -get recipe
Top with avacado (blue)
Black beans
Oil and vinegar dressing (1 tsp)
2 green
2 red
1 blue
2 tsp
Nonfat Greek Yogurt (red)
Mixed w/blueberries or strawberries (purple)
3 red
2 purple
Ranch Chicken and Rice Bake (red) - get recipe
Green beans(1 green)
Brown rice (yellow)
4 red
3 green
2 yellow