Hammer and Chisel Journey: Total Body Hammer - Day 35

Total Body Hammer - Day 35

Sagi's famous one-liner still echoes in my mind....
"Are you a hammer or are you a nail?!"  My husband and I each shout back to the television, "I'm a hammer!!" This is true power lifting workout with each move decreasing down in reps from 10 reps -> 8 reps -> 6 reps utilizing the same weight within the same round. There are three rounds, you repeat each round twice! On the repeat of each round, Sagi expects you to increase your weight, although I had a hard time doing that and kept the same weight amount for most moves.

Round 1: 

Bench Press –  I used the stability ball for this – but a simple bench press!

Squat – a simple squat with knees shoulder distance apart. This move gets significantly harder with the weight over time.

Reverse Grip Row – Bend at the waist and pull towards you, focusing on your back.

Round 2:

Incline Fly  – Same as the bench press but you do a fly move on an incline...so you work your upper chest more.

Reverse Lunge– Step back lunges. Round one is the right leg, round 2 is the left leg.

Wide Pull-Up – HARD!!!. I had to use the pull up assist band and then the actual band attached to a door to finish this one!

Round 3: 

Military Press –  Shoulder workout – I performed this seated on the stability ball.

Split Squat – One leg up on a chair (couch for me) and then you squat with the other leg. Round 1 is the right leg, and round 2 is the left leg.

Post Delt Fly – This is one-armed deltoid work  - just swing your arm up to the side from a bent over position leaning on the ball.

Total Body Hammer Review & Thoughts:  
 This is definitely the most “classic weight lifting” round of the program.  I really enjoyit though and work up a crazy sweat – the rest period between moves is very short! I have been able to increase my weights a little bit since the last time that I completed this workout, so I know that I am getting stronger! Be sure to track your weights and track your progress!

See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 36!

My Meal Plan Today:

Sample Day
Container Tally
2 eggs scrambled
w/cheddar cheese 
1 red
1 orange
1 apple
1 purple
Homemade pizza topped with green peppers, squash, spinach, mushrooms, and onions 
topped with Chicken (red)
Sweet pototoe crust
2 green
2 red
1 yellow
1 blue
 2 tsp
Chocolate Shakeology (red)
Mixed w/1/2 bananna (purple)
3 red
2 purple
Lean pork chop (red)
Green beans (1 green)
Mashed Potatoes (yellow)
4 red
3 green
2 yellow