Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 13: Chisel Balance

Day 13 - Chisel Balance

Please see my previous blog post from Hammer and Chisel - Day 1 for a complete description and outline of this workout to include pictures of the moves, etc.  

Nothing really has changed for me since Day 1 with regard to this workout.  It is still HARD and it still requires a lot of BALANCE.  Of all of the workouts performed thus far, this one is probably my least favorite probably because it exposes my weaknesses.  This is a very challenging workout!  It really induces muscle burn and it is quite tough cardiovascularly also! It is not described as a cardio workout, but it packs a pretty good cardio punch in my opinion! 

The hardest move is still the split squat jumps... my heart was really racing by the time I completed one side and I still had to do the other side while being completely out of breath with no time to recover!!  However, I don't let myself press pause... but this would certainly be a spot in the workout where I could certainly understand if someone did press pause.  Certainly not as hard cardiovascularly, but the pistol squat/upright row move is probably the next hardest move in that it requires tremendous balance and causes the most significant muscle burn that I have experienced in a LONG time. My husband couldn't finish the set! And I had to touch my leg down for a few seconds rest several times because of the BURN!!  

OK... that's a wrap!  See you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 14!