Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 26: ISO Speed Hammer

Day 26 - ISO Speed Hammer

uh... can I have her abs??

Please see my previous blog post from Hammer and Chisel - Day 5 for a full description of the workout to include pictures of some of the moves.

We have not seen this workout since Day 5 and it is now Day 26! One thing about this program is that you never get bored doing the same old workouts over and over!  There are so many different workouts that I have a hard time keeping them all straight and remembering which one is which!  I would say that this Hammer and Chisel program really defines the term muscle confusion!  

This workout really BURNS the muscles and works them to fatigue which induces change.  It really goes back to the basics utilizing push ups, squats, lunges, lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks (this is not a full list), but you get my point. Sagi really covers all the basics with this workout and works all of your muscle groups.  This workout is very challenging, but in a good way! I really like this one!