Hammer and Chisel Journey - Day 31: Chisel Balance

Day 31 - Chisel Balance

I am so disappointed and sad to report that I missed today's workout!! I did not get it done. Life and my children's extracurricular activities got in the way. I regret that I did not plan my day better to prevent missing a workout.

So, as this picture depicts.... it really does no good to make excuses! And there really are no good excuses anyway! It comes down to one thing... making a decision to commit to something and sticking to it!  I should have planned better to make time in my busy day to exercise.  My exercise time is my "me" time... so it is definitely missed when I skip a workout!  

In 30 days, this has been the first workout that I have missed and I am committed to finish STRONG to the end without missing another workout!  Hopefully you readers (if there are any of you out there) will keep me accountable to this proclamation!

OK... So after an "extra" day of rest, I will see you tomorrow for Hammer and Chisel - Day 33!