Have You Flexed Your DREAM Muscle Lately?

Have you flexed your DREAM muscle lately?? What kind of life do you envision for yourself? Have you always felt that there was was more out there for you? Aspiring MOMPRENEURS....this message is for you!! 


I recently returned from New Orleans. I've been at a leadership training retreat all weekend long, so I'm still pretty "jazzed" up about everything that I've learned. Actually, twice this month, I have gone to two different leadership trainings in an effort to learn more, grow more, and invest in myself and my business.  I have learned how to be a better leader as well as skills to master social media and branding myself.

Why am I doing this? Because I have a dream for myself, my lifestyle, and my business. I believe that I am the next MOMPRENEUR IN THE MAKING, and I want to share with all of you other moms out there that you can do the same thing! I want to share with you my two biggest takeaways from the leadership training.

Do you have a dream for a better lifestyle than what you're currently living right now? I know that I do! Here's an example of my struggle: Last year, my son was in seventh grade and he ran track. He had four different track meets throughout the year, always right after school at 3:00pm. Do you know how many of those track meets I was able to attend? Only one, and I got there late and missed his first event, and only got to see him run in second event.

Why is that? Because I have to punch a time clock. I work full-time as a pharmacist and I have limited time that I can take off of work. I'm tied to that time clock, unfortunately. It breaks my heart to not be able to be as present as I would like to be for my children. My youngest, Bella, is five. She's getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall, and I would like to be able to volunteer in her classroom. I would like to have the freedom of time from my job to be able to do those kinds of things with my family and for my family whenever I want.  And I know that there are so many of you out there who also work hard and have similar desires and dreams of time freedom and financial freedom.

We all aspire to be present for our families, right? The biggest thing that will fuel your fire to succeed is your WHY. Let me paint a little picture for you... Imagine that there are two tall buildings standing side by side with a skinny little board stretching from the balcony on one building to the balcony on the next up high on the 10th floor. And I said to you, "Okay. Walk across that board from this building to that building." How many of you would do it? Well, I certainly wouldn't! I would look at you and say, "Are you crazy? That's way too high! That board is really skinny! There's too much risk and danger in that! There's no way I'm crossing that board!"  And I wouldn't blame you one bit.

Now, imagine this.....imagine that one of the buildings is on fire. You're standing on the balcony of one  building and your child is on this balcony of the building that is on fire, screaming for help and waiting for you to come save them. Now, who wouldn't cross that board? I think we would all run as fast as we could across that board to go get our child, right? I know I would, and I know you would too!

Here's the point... If your why is strong enough, then things that you never even dreamed that you would attempt or even consider doing, all of a sudden, you will now do! It's just going to happen because your WHY is that strong!  It's not willpower... it's whypower, my friend and it is POWERFUL!

This brings me to my second big takeaway... negative self-talk.  Do you actually really believe that you can accomplish a lifestyle change? Do you really think that you can make a difference in people's lives?  What do you say to yourself every day?  I hope it is positive because your body is always listening and absorbing it inside.  Let me describe this point further with an illustration. Do you realize how much of your body is made up of water? Your body is 60% water and your heart and your brain are actually 73% water. We think with our brains and we feel with our hearts, so this water composition is quite important.

Now, envision a bathtub full of water after you have taken your bath. All of your dirt was left in the water, your bacteria, etc and then you just let that water sit for a couple weeks to a month. What do you think that water is going to look like? Nasty, disgusting, dark, dirty water, right? Think about a standing pond or muck and how dirty and unsanitary that water becomes.  I need for you to realize that if you talk negatively to yourself....if you tell yourself that you can't do it, or if you allow yourself to be around others telling you that you can't do it and let yourself be around negative energy, then your body water composition is going to become dark and dirty also!

Simple yet true concept.  That's the way God made us, but you can turn this process around by telling yourself that you CAN do it! If you will cut the negative self-talk, believe in yourself enough to know that it's possible for you, and surround yourself in positive energy - you will be amazed at the difference that this will make in your life.  Positive self belief and a deep WHY are your fuel for changing your life...I know you can do it!  As I said earlier, I am the next mompreneur in the making. I WILL be there for my daughter who's starting kindergarten next Fall! I WILL be there next year when my son runs track again! I WILL create my life by design!  Does this inspire you?  Do you want something more?  Join me and let's run together toward that something better!!! Click here to learn how to work with me.